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From 8am to Noon we are now offering a Time Your Price Oil Change while openings last! This means if you book your appointment at 8am, you’ll receive an Oil Change for ONLY $8! If you book your appointment at 9:15am, your price will be ONLY $9.15! Appointment MUST be made online or by emailing Jessi Webster at [email protected]

**Appointment MUST be made online or by emailing Jessi Webster at [email protected] Spaces are limited. Only one per person. Offer may not be combined with any other coupon. Diesels and other high-end models do not qualify. See dealer for details.

10% OFF

This month ONLY!!!!! Enjoy 10% OFF all parts over $100!

Some exclusions may apply. Parts order must be over $100 to qualify for discount. Offer not to be combined with any other offer. See dealer for details

FREE Brake Inspection

With it being holiday season, we want to be sure you are safe while traveling to see your loved ones. Come in for a FREE brake inspection today. This service included checking the following:

  • Brake friction material
  • Caliper
  • Rotors
  • Drums
  • Hoses and the connections
  • parking brake for damage and proper operation

Schedule your service today by using our online scheduler or by emailing [email protected]

FREE Alignment Check!
When was the last time you have had your alignment checked?

Its that time of year where potholes become larger and larger. If you have hit any potholes, curbs, or bumpy areas, your alignment could be off. Come in now for your FREE alignment check today! Schedule your appointment by using our online service scheduler or by emailing [email protected]

Free Battery Checks!

Don’t let the cold temperatures catch you off guard with a dead battery! Battery preparation for the unexpected is the best thing you can do. Keep the battery connections clean, tight and corrosion-free. Also, when handling a battery, it is important to follow safety precautions.

Offer may not be combined with any other coupon. See dealer for details.

Mopar Fuel Service Kit
Help Protect Your Vehicle During The Winter!
Orig. $54.99

We’ve got a great deal on Mopar Fuel Service kits this month! This service should be done every 15,000 miles to maintain fuel efficiency, help with cold starts in the winter,  and ensure the life of your vehicle.

This kit includes:

  • Fuel system cleaner
  • Air intake cleaner
  • Combustion chamber cleaner

Offer not to be combined with any other offer. See dealer for details.

Windshields & Side Windows ONLY

This month we are offering a glass special! Receive 25% off replacement windows and windshields, that are in stock!

Not to be combined with any other offer. Some exclusions may apply. See dealer for details.


Bring in a coupon from a competitor and get your service done at their price, but enjoy our quality certified service!

Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Coupon must not be expired. See dealer for details. Some exclusions may apply.

Get Ready For The Cooler Weather!
FREE Cabin Air Filter Inspection

Just like you change the air filters at home, you should be changing your air filter in your vehicles. This month we are offering a FREE cabin air filter inspection! The cabin filter cleans the air that comes into the interior of your car through the heating and air conditioning. It filters out dust, pollen and other airborne particles. If you’ve got a carbon activated cabin filter it also captures exhaust gasses and odors. Having clean air in your car is particularly important if you have any allergies or respiratory problems.

Reasons to change your cabin filter on time:

  • To breathe fresher air 
    The cabin filter allows you to breathe clean air, by filtering bacteria, pollen and polluting substances. If you don’t change your cabin filter regularly, you may notice unpleasant odors and could have allergic reactions (sneezing, coughing, etc.)
  • To avoid safety and visibility issues 
    When a cabin filter is clogged, it may partially block the airflow coming into your car. This can be problematic, especially when you need to defog the windows.
  • To increase the life of your car’s A/C heating system 
    Having a clean cabin filter will maximize airflow and extend the life of your car’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system